Model číslo KA168K

Mouse® Detail Sander + 27 Accs

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Vlastnosti + výhody

  • Rubber grips for comfort and control
  • Quick fit sanding paper for faster sanding action and easier paper fitment
  • Compact design gets you closer to the work surface for greater control
  • Auto Pressure Indicator indicates if you need to increase / decrease the amount of pressure on the sander for optimal stock removal
  • Tear drop shaped base to access tight corners
  • Rocker switch for continual operation. Hands can move freely about the unit while in use.
  • Contour attachments included for intricate sanding and polishing tasks
  • Detail base is designed to give better results when sanding intricate areas
  • Versatile - Ideal for paint / varnish, cleaning glass, removing rust and sanding in tight spaces
  • Removable tips allowing other profile tips to be added for greater versatility
Black and Decker - Mouse Detail Sander   27 Accs - KA168K

Produktová specifikace

Kit Box yes
Paper attachment Quick-Fit
Platten shape Mouse
Plug Voltage 230
Power Rating 55.0 W
Product Type Detail Sander
Sanding actions Orbital
Soft grip yes
Speed Single
  • Rust removal
  • Detail sanding
  • Plastic polishing and cleaning
  • Metal polishing
  • Sanding and removal of paint and varnish
  • Glass cleaning
  • 4 x contour sanding sheet (120G)
  • Detail finger sanding attachment
  • 1 x foam pad
  • 6 x profile/contour attachments
  • 2 x abrasive sheets (metal)
  • 6 x iron shaped sanding sheets (80G, 120G, 180G)
  • 1 x cleaning sheets (wood)
  • 1 x polishing sheet
  • 1 x vacuum adaptor
  • 1 x screwdriver (POZI 1)
  • 2 x detail finger sanding sheets (120G)
  • Profile/contour carrier

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